Since 1995 5D has revolutionised the motorcycle retail environment, bringing drama and an evocation of brand values to Harley-Davidson, BMW and Ducati dealerships. These brands now have a presence equal to any High Street retailer and they have been rewarded with significant increases in sales across the breadth of their products.

Motorcycle dealership projects:-

Stadium, Walthamstow
Black Bear, Newmarket
DockGate 20, Southampton
Just Harleys, Newcastle
Riders, Bridgwater
Riders, Bristol
Surrey Harley-Davidson, Dorking
Wayside, Towcester
Thames Valley Harley-Davidson
Dublin Harley-Davidson, Dublin
Bikers, Jersey
Warrs SE, London
Warrs Motorclothes, London
Provincewide Harley-Davidson, Co Antrim
Big Rock, Nottingham
West Coast Harley-Davidson, Glasgow
Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton
Eddy Wright for Harley-Davidson, Leeds
Sycamore Harley-Davidson, Uppingham
J R Tagger, London

Balderston, Peterborough
Blue Bell, Crewe
Mill garage, Sunderland
Rydale, Cardiff
John Clark, Aberdeen
John Clark, Tayside
Sawbridgeworth Motorcycles, Hartford
Wollaston Motors, Northampton
Vines, Guildford
Williams, Manchester
Rainbow, Rotherham
Southport Superbikes, Southport
South London BMW, London
Hurst BMW, Belfast
Allan Jeffries, Shipley
Coopers, Reading
Cannon, Essex
North Oxford Garage, Oxford
Park West, London
Park Lane, London
Roy Pidcock, Nottingham
Astle, Grimsby
Motorrad Central, Glasgow
Ocean, Plymouth

Ducati Dublin
Ducati Leeds
Ducati Coventry
Ducati Bristol




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